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Developing Trends Justify the Outsourcing IT Services for Small Business Organizations

  • Greater dependence on sharing devices, software and data files via small networks.
  • Quality of service concerns, particularly regarding data backup and virus protection.

  • Pressure to externalize networks via the Internet to address eBusiness opportunities.

  • Shift to a more consolidated, centralized point of responsibility for IT administration and remote services.

  • Faster deployment of multi-user applications and upgrades across the local network.

  • Stakeholders concerns about the Total Costs of Computing vs Bottom-line Benefits.


Know the Facts when it comes to your Systems and Software.

  • 54% of all businesses suffer some data loss in a given year that could be avoided.

  • Currently there are over 100,000 recognized computer viruses, most delivered by e-mail.

  • The Gartner Group found TCO to be as high as $825 per month including “soft costs.”

  • Microsoft's core business applications have become the software of choice for 80% of computer users.



Consider these points when determining if Outsourced-IT is best for your business.

  • Pay only for what you need by consulting with your IT expert first.

  • Get lower prices by having vendors compete for your capital expenses.

  • Lower your payroll and expenses by paying for help as you need it.

  • Eliminate recurring headaches that plague your businesses productivity.

  • Receive Blue Chip service no matter when you need it via remote management tools.

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